Thursday, December 18, 2014

Deck The Doors

With the holiday occasion approaching quickly, we have a contest that goes along with the winter season, called Deck The Doors.

This year, the theme is winter activities. Each TA/ homeroom was given a winter activity and a picture of a teacher. These two items will be incorporated into a door decoration. We encourage you to hide the teacher that you were given in your picture, so others can try and find them.

Some awards included in this will be: the TA with the best use of the teacher and best use of creativity.

Judging will be on January 14th, so make sure to have the decorations finished before then.
Remember that this isn't all about competition, make sure to have fun too!

You would not know by the look of this door now, but wait until after break, and you'll see winter activities be brought to life.

Genetic Discussions

       Over the past two weeks in LA class we have been reading multiple articles about should you or should you not test your embryos, your genome, and what happens with your DNA after doctors do your DNA samples. We had two discussions about the pros and cons of each topic... The most recent article that we read was on the computer. Mrs. Magoon kindly came in and helped us read and highlight the text. The final idea of our discussions is to write a paper on what side your are on. Should you test? Or should you not?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Writing Contest Winners!

Congratulations to Eleanor Braun and Chloe Schiff!

Eleanor's poem,"The Hill" was accepted by the Young Writers Project to be dramatized on stage between December tenth and fourteenth by the Vermont Stage Company at the Flynn Theater.Her poem was chosen as one of the around dozen out of over 200 that were submitted. Eleanor attended the performance and had a great time! Well Done!

Chloe wrote the winning essay for the Montpelier Branch of the VFW Patriot's Pen Contest. Her essay was untitled and the prompt was, "Why I Appreciate America's Veterans." Chloe's essay is now moving on to the  district competition. Good Luck, Chloe, and congratulations on this great accomplishment.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Star, Our Team Mascot: 2nd Owner

As a continuum to our new team mascot, our team teachers, with the help of Grace Carlamango have decided to award Eleanor Braun with the honor of caring for the Star. Eleanor is in Mr. Griffith's TA, and we are confident that they are taking great care of Star. If you want a chance to get Star for your TA, make sure to be hard working, kind, and over all SIRIUS!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Miss. Schreiber

Kyrsten Schreiber is Main Street Middle Schools student intern. She goes to grad school at The University of Vermont and part of her training is to join powers with Mr. Rosenberg to help teach his science class. She says "I feel very fortunate to be interning at Main Street Middle School the students and the teachers have been so wonderful. I can't wait to see what the rest of the year has in store." To other students Miss. Schreiber is "A very enthusiastic leader who will make a smashing teacher one day" (quote Gary Measure). We hope she will continue teaching and have fun!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sirius science fair

        Sirius Team has been working on science fair projects. The 8 best science fair projects are going to the Vermont State Science Fair. The presentation of science fair projects will be on March 6th, 2014. Mr. Rosenberg said, "I want the kids to explore what they are interested in, to work together as a group and individually on projects at home".

Waterfall Braids

Mrs.Magoons T.A. memebers Mary Curran and Izzy Banse have discovered a new unique braid that looks hard but is apparently quite easy to do. These braids are known as "Waterfall Braids" They have been giving eachother these braids for the past couple weeks. Many compliments have been recieved. Here you can see Mary Curran modeling one of the fantastic braid now.`

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Friendship Bracelets

Mrs. Scott's TA has been working together to make friendship bracelets, another enriching TA activity. Mrs. Scott says this is a good way to work together and for the students to talk to each other about what is happening in their lives. They have made traditional bracelets and bracelets with a Loop De Doo. A Loop De Doo is a machine that you can use to make chic bracelets. This is another great way to wake up the mind.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

2014 Robotics fair

Eli Rosenberg, the 7th and 8th grade science teacher for team SIRIUS, has started teaching a robotics club again. With a group of 6 fourth graders and 4 sixth graders, plus two "student mentors", Anja Samson (7th grade) and Daniel Jestes (8th grade) this team was complete. On November 16th at Norwich University they competed in a tournament. This team came out second in the values presentation, talking about their robots, and 9th in a board game competition where students maneuver their robots across a board, challenging other opponents.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

1000 Paper Cranes

Some have heard the truly inspirational story of Sadako and her thousand paper cranes. If you haven't we greatly recommend you read Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes by Eleanor Coerr. Sadako was killed October 25, 1955, in Hiroshima, Japan, by a nuclear bomb. Growing up she made paper cranes and tried to make 1000. This was her way of dreaming of world peace, a goal she never reached. When Mr. Rosenberg was a child, everyone feared nuclear war. So, most children were inspired to make paper cranes. Mr. Rosenberg decided that his TA needed something to be passionate about, so he turned to the familiar paper cranes. Mr. Rosenberg says these cranes are beautiful, it's great to start the day by working with your hands, it awakens the brain, and its teaching kids to be competent which makes them confident. He hopes that others will start to work on cranes too and says that his TA students can teach others how to work on these truly creative and inspiring pieces of art.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Net Zero

         John Hollar, the Mayor of Montpelier, came in on the 27th to speak to kids about the Net Zero project. Net Zero is a project that will create a reusable source of energy, and eliminate fossil fuels in Montpelier. There are only a few types of energy that can be reused, such as solar power, wind power, hydro-power, and biofuels. There are three things that energy is mainly used for: heating, transportation, and electricity. The easiest to completely replace with reusable energy would be electricity. John Hollar would like to see Montpelier be the most energy efficient capital in the US.

Mysterious Mr Sirius

Mysterious Mr Sirius, owner of the unique new design company, science class, has called for two  products from each team of diligent architects. Each team of students is to collaborate in the making of  an Electromagnetic Fishing Pole and a Stylish and Effective Game Piece for Mr Sirius's recently created magnetism game. Every student will need a good understanding of magnetism, circuits, and design to make a satisfying product for Mysterious Mr Sirius, and a few short but thorough reports on the things we learned in the process. Luckily, we've taken  notes in our Science journals to help us complete the tasks! Good luck to all builders!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Star, Our New Team Mascot

Team SIRIUS has a new mascot. Star is a black and white dog. Each month she is given to a different student who shows spirit and imagination towards the team. Star will then live in the TA of the chosen student.This month the chosen student for team SIRIUS was Grace. This month Star will live in Mrs. Scott's room, because Grace is in her TA.  Next month she will pass Star to the next student of the month in Team SIRIUS, and will probably help in deciding who the next honored student will be.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Political Parties

   Over the last several weeks in Social Studies we have been learning about Political parties. We so far learned that the first political party was the Federalist Party, closely followed by the Anti-Federalists. We've also learned about the qualities and beliefs of  Republicans and Democrats. We will continue learning about their qualities, opinions, beliefs etc. this week in class.

Sugar Consumption

The 7th grade math classes have been working on a sugar consumption unit. We have been learning about what too much sugar can do to you. Throughout the unit we learned how to read labels, find out all the different forms of sugar, and how to spot them. At the end of the unit Mr. Scott gave us the weekend to make an info-graphic about everything we learned. You got to chose any type of beverage or food to make a poster on. Through the unit Ms. Zurowski and Ms. Murphy came to speak about sugar consumption. This unit was a lot of fun.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Energy Card Game

In science class, the 7th and 8th graders are playing a card game to think more about how energy gets to their home. In this game we need to heat our water, have lights and electricity, get to where we need to go (transportation), heating our home, and cooking. The point of the game is to put cards in a certain order from the "source" to one of the cards actions we need in our home. It was a little confusing at first, but in the end, we learned a lot, and it is a lot of fun.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dog Star Drama

              The Dog Star Drama club had their first play on Monday, November 10. Their first play was about the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere. They read the poem but then they took the time to re-write the entire poem, still keeping all the important information, but adding some humor. They acted out the whole play using very few props, and the background was only a drawing on the white board. Although they keep things simple, it worked. Dog Star Drama did a very good job on the play they put on.

Math Class Pumpkin Carving

 At the end of October, for a fun activity, the 7th grade math class began sketching out spooky jack-o-lantern pictures. We then found the coordinate points of our drawings on four quadrant graphs and wrote the coordinates down. We glued our pictures, colored, and the coordinate points onto large pieces of construction paper of various colors. On Tuesday, October 28th, we brougham  in pumpkins and carved out our drawings on to the pumpkins. We all took them home on the following Friday and they lit up on steps at night.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

American Studies

In Social Studies we have been studying the United States government. Current Events such as the Ebola Outbreak, Edward Snowdens' revelations of the United States spying program, and the election in the Senate have all spurred relation to different branches of government. Another way we have connected to the government is through current music. Mr Griffith has played songs such as "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" (Youtube Link), Schoolhouse Rocks' "I'm Just a Bill" (Youtube Link), and even a rap of the Bill of Rights (Youtube Link). These songs and many more have helped enrich our learning on Team Sirius.
Bill from Schoolhouse Rock dreams of becoming a law someday.

Erin Malloy

Erin Malloy came to MSMS on Monday the 3rd. She explained how she tries to help others feel warmer in the winter. She works for VEEP (Vermont Energy Education Program).  Erin helps other by educating them in energy and how to store as much heat as possible. She is also trying to help people understand that if we conserve heat we will be able to save energy and this helps stop global warming. Erin Malloy will be returning next Monday, November 10th to finish the remainder of the groups that she missed last Monday.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Montpelier District Heat Plant

In team Sirius we took an adventure to the Montpelier district heat plant. When we were there our tour guide and Mr. Rosenburg taught us a lot about how different buildings and streets run heat to lots of important buildings in Montpelier. To heat they burn wood pellets and oil, and they create steam to help warm up buildings like U.E.S and the state house. That is what we did at the Montpelier district heat plant.

The 3rd floor compost

      Mr Griffith has started the 3rd floor composting, by giving out small compost buckets. Each day a pair of his TA students collect all the compost buckets and bring these down to compost bins. Mr Griffith wanted to do this because he thought that Team Summit had enough on their hands to help make a greener school. So far it seems successful by keeping out food out of the landfill and reducing trash waste in the school.

This week we are starting a project in science to help us learn about magnetism. For this project we will have to create two games that incorporate magnetism. The first game we have to create, in our design teams of two, is magnet fishing. We will have to figure out what number of batteries, coils on a nail, and other factors can be used to create the best electromagnet. The second game we will be creating is magnet hockey. Magnet hockey is similar to air hockey, but smaller and uses magnets to get a marble into a goal. We will be printing out plastic playing pieces on the 3-D printer, and then we will test the pieces to figure out which is the most effective.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Penny Wars Assembly

HFrom the money raised for apple picking team SIRIUS got to go apple picking a Burtt's apple orchard. One method we used was a penny war. Many teachers participated, one dollar made a teacher wear mismatch clothing five dollars made a teacher wear a student decorated lab coat ten dollars got you a pie in the face, and 20 dollars got you all. This fundraiser raised a total of $50.57. Mr. Rosenberg is wearing mismatched clothes. Mrs. Zurouski and Mrs. Giroux are wearing lab coats and Ronda, Ms.Helpine, and Mr Baginski are getting a pie in the face.

Police Cruiser

The Eighth grade algebra class took another outing to have more hands on experience with scale. This time we used stop watches to measure the speed of cars going up main street on, Wednesday the 15th of October. Two days later on the 17th, two Montpelier police officers came and let us use their laser and radar guns to record speed of cars going up and down main street. We wanted to see what method of recording speed was most accurate. This was a fun and enriching activity.
Luke plays cop with a laser gun

Thursday, October 16, 2014

American Spirit Logo Project

In language arts we are creating logos featuring different aspects of the American spirit through reading texts like Emma Lazarus's poem on the Statue of Liberty, The Declaration of Independence, and Poor Richard's Almanac. After we finish the logos we add adjectives to our flag. Adjectives like hardworking and freedom that explain the American spirit. SIRIUS students are creating these for a deeper understanding of American spirit and a fun way to do it. When these logos and adjectives are finished they will be hanging in the LA room on the divider wall.

Daniel Webster: The Historical Figure

In honor of patriotism and other things related to the like, we are learning about a man named Daniel Webster. Daniel Webster is a historical figure mostly known for his occupation as a statesman.

Some other things we have learned/researched about Daniel Webster are the following:

+He was born on January 7th, 1782 (in Salisbury, New Hampshire) and died on October 23rd, 1852 (in  Marshfield, Massachusetts.)

+Was appointed the United States Secretary of States by/under three presidents.

+Served in the House of Representatives for 10 years (representing New Hampshire) and was in the Senate for 19 years (representing Massachusetts.

We have also recently started doing some work on a short story that has him in it called "The Devil and Daniel Webster." 

Time for Conferences!

Conferences are coming up! They are on Thursday 23rd starting at 12:30 and ending at 3:05 PM. They are also on Friday 24th starting at 7:30 AM and ending at 3:00 PM. Students remind your families! You will have your conference with  one core-subject teacher and a specials teacher. Call early if you want the time and teacher of your choice. First come first serve. If you are not available during these time periods you can contact a core teacher and schedule an alternative time. Remember kids must come to their conference. All the information and sign ups are on the MSMS website at             


Rise and Run

On the ninth of October the eighth grade algebra class took a little outing to do some hands on work. The students measured the length and the height of five steps off of stairwells all around the building. This exercise was looked at whether or not the stairs followed the most recent carpenter safety laws. Although the stairs didn't follow the most recent laws, 101 years ago they probably were up to date. The educational purpose was to take hold of a concrete understanding of scale. This was a fun accommodating activity.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Food bank speakers

Two people from the Vermont food bank visited team Sirius recently. Alison Levin,who came on Monday, September 22, talked about gleaning.  Gleaning is going out and harvesting the extra produce that farmers cannot sell.  She told us that even though they cannot sell it does not mean that it is not okay to eat.  She explained how many people volunteered to glean and donate to the food bank. You may not believe it but a lot of food can be donated to the food bank because there is usually plenty of extra food in the fields.  Maybe sometime team Sirius could help glean for the food bank.  Joe Dauscher, who came on Monday, September, 29, represented the multiple food banks of VT. He told us that about 153,000 get food from the food bank per year.  That is a lot of people the food bank is helping, plus all of the food is free even pet food.  The food bank also has a food deliver system too, for people that cannot travel to pick up the food themselves.  Also Joe talked about how grocery stores and farmers markets have systems that connect to the food bank that have discounts for people.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Marble Roller Coasters in Science

 In science class, we are making marble roller coasters. This is because we are trying to answer a question, do larger marbles take longer thrill rides? We are testing this question by rolling different size marbles down our tracks and timing them. We started building these roller coasters last week and we are going to finish this project by Friday. During this unit we are also learning about how friction affects the marble and to how to support the foam we are using as the tracks. Most people thought that this was a fun activity.

A TA Lends a Hand

         On September 25th,  Ms. Zurowski's TA went to Bear Pond Books to add to their collection of non-perishable items for the food bank. They brought in about 35 items all together, and helped raise hunger awareness within the school. They did this not only to help the community, but also to celebrate Hunger Awareness Month.

Robin Hood Play

After we picked apples on Thursday we went to a Robin Hood play put on by the Stowe Preforming Arts Center. The play was unique because only two people played all the roles. The props consisted of cardboard boxes, chips, plywood, and a shopping cart. So it wasn't typical production of Robin Hood.
The Adventures of Robin Hood

Road trip brochures

For several weeks the Team Sirius students have been working in groups of four and five on road trip brochures for both Language Arts and Social Studies. In Social Studies each person has chosen a state and an outdoor location in that state to write about in their brochure, with pictures from online sources such as Wikipedia and Wikimedia. In Language Arts each person selected an author from their state to write about as well. Now, on October eighth, the groups have finally presented their final drafts of their brochures in Language Arts.

Team Sirius Apple Picking

         Team Sirius went on a field trip to Burtt's Apple Orchard Thursday the second. We contributed to the Pick for your Neighbor fundraiser. Team Sirius raised money by selling popcorn, collecting donations through a request letter, and collecting money for a teacher challenge in the library. We raised exactly $420.00 with all of our fundraisers combined. Team Sirius picked 408 pounds of apples, and Burtt's gave us another 12 pounds to round it out at 420 pounds. They then doubled the amount of apples, giving us 840 pounds of apples to give to the Foodbank.

Popcorn Fund Raiser

         On Thursday, September 25 and Wednesday, October 1, team Sirius sold popcorn. We raised about about $115 from just the popcorn. The popcorn sellers went through twelve batches of popcorn and sold them all but about three. Two blue poker chips were hidden in two bags of popcorn. The two lucky finders, Mrs. Thompson and Mary-Ann both received two free bags of popcorn in return. Many people helped contribute to the popcorn fund raiser.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Field Trip

Team Sirius has an upcoming field trip on October 2nd. This trip will include helping our community through picking apples at an orchard through a program to give apples to the Food Shelf. This field trip will also include an afternoon viewing of a Scottish Theatre production of "Robin Hood". However, in order to pick apples, we need to raise about $400 dollars. In Science class, fundraising suggestions included a car wash, a cider stand, and numerous requests for bank robbery (which were ousted by Mr. Rosenberg). Everyone on Team Sirius is very excited for this trip! 

Crafters Edge: Weekly Report

As a student run business for Main Street Middle School, Crafters Edge is dedicated to constructing products to fit your needs and/or wants, organizing student run events such as our Annual Craft Fair and school dances, and to essentially satisfy the public and community with our excellent services. This year, we have focused mainly on organizing and formulating ideas for products that will meet your expectations. In the art department we have evaluated what our products will cost, how much they will sell for, and are starting to construct them.

In the Family Consumer Science (F.C.S.) department, pies are starting to be made, and a new assortment of baked goods are being sold. You can now buy: dozens of cookies (Oatmeal Raisin, Sugar, Chocolate Chip, and Snicker-doodle), a mixed berry, a Smore's, a Lemon Meringue, and a cherry pie. As an addition, we are also now selling Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough made by our lovely chefs in the F.C.S. Department.

These past few weeks, the Tech. Ed. Department has been going over safety in the wood shop, and have begun drafting what their products will look like, the dimensions of the products, and how to be safe when working with powerful tools.

Stay innovative and responsible Crafters Edge Students!

SIRIUS Team Flags!

 This August, during one of our first team meetings of the year, team SIRIUS decided to brighten the quad with colorful and festive flags. Because of the empty space in our main room lacking decoration, we decided that every SIRIUS student should make their own flag to hang up with at least one of the following words on it:

S pirit
I magination
R esponsibility
I  ntrospection
U buntu
S ervice

These are the ideas team SIRIUS focuses on. We're trying to be an enthusiastic, creative, responsible, and compassionate group of students.

Now that these flags are up, the quad will be an inspiring place that pops out and reminds us every day of the things we stand for.

Guest Speaker from JUST BASICS, inc.

  Monday, September 15th, Theresa Murray-Clasen, employed by the Montpelier food pantry, JUST BASICS, inc. came in and told team Sirius a little about what she and the program do. Much of the team gathered in "The Quad" for a little demonstration. It involved giving a small portion of the people in the room some food and a large portion with nothing making it quite unfair. The simulation showed how many people are hungry and have food insecurity in Vermont. One in every five people may not know where their next meal is coming from. This number is staggering, with a world average of one in every eight. Theresa and the organization she works for aim to change this.
  JUST BASICS, inc. is a non-profit that organizes food drives and allows people with food insecurity to come in and get a meal when they need it, they run the Montpelier food drive and other programs. A link to their web site is below.

      JUST BASICS, inc.

Up Coming Craft Fair

Main Street Middle School's annual craft fair is getting closer and closer everyday, with the date of the event being on Saturday, November 15th. This event will be held in the gym, starting at 9 AM, and ending at 3 PM.

Each Crafters Edge department has already started creating products to sell and will be set up in the gym. Some of the products that will be sold include the following: hand knitted scarves, holiday cards, bracelets, ornaments, jewelry boxes, picture frames, and more. Every 8th grader will have a shift that day and will be there to assist you if you need any help.

As well as Crafters Edge being set up in the gym, there will be other vendors there selling their products. If you are interested in having a table set up at the craft fair, you should contact Rhonda Brace. In the process of getting a table, you will have to fill out a short form and pay a small fee of 20 dollars.

Everyone is welcome to this event and we would be glad if you were to stop by, even if it's just to grab a bite to eat, or browse the vendors.We hope to see you there!

Decorations in the Hallway

The Sirius hallway is full of interesting artwork by teachers and students alike. Mr. Scott  worked with the students in his math classes to create interesting "Wordle's." Wordle's are word mosaics. The Wordle's we made use words that describe each student. After creating these individual Wordle's, Mr. Scott put the Wordle's together to create huge letters spelling out I AM SIRIUS. Mr. Rosenberg also worked with the Sirius team to spell out "SIRIUS" with our bodies. These two amazing projects are paired perfectly with our learning permits describing things we like, to create a sense of community, while adding color and interest, in our hallway.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sports: Girls Soccer

The MSMS 8th grade soccer team, accompanied by 7h graders Juna, Christy, Bella, Lily, Olivia, and Jenna, beat Stowe 6-0. At half time the score was 3-0, a goal by Bella and two goals by Chloe, one off a penalty kick. Early in the second half, Bella scored followed by a goal by Lily, and a final goal by Lily.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Teachers!

The school is buzzing with the new arrivals this year! 

  • Madame Kahn, French Teacher
  • Mr. Appel and Ms. Harper, 6th Grade Teachers
  • Mr.White, Athletic Director and Assistant Principal
  • Ms. Barden, ELL Instructor
  • Ms. Young, Special Educator
They have all come to Main Street. All of these teachers will help to enrich and brighten our school community. 

Everyone at MSMS welcomes you, newcomers!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jeh Kulu

Jeh Kulu
Dance and Drum group came to MSMS to teach us an African dance during class time. Each class group learned a different dance. After we had learned the dances properly we went down to the cafeteria to perform in front of the other groups of students and teachers. When we thought it was over though, we got a surprise! The teachers walked onto the "dance floor," and performed their own special dance that they had learned.

Just ignore this. Thanks                                                
photo 1.JPG



By Eleanor

Students throughout Team Sirius are biting their nails in anticipation of this Friday, March 21. It's Conference day! The day students receive either cupcakes or chores! THE DAY OF PARTIES OR PUNISHMENT!!! Well, maybe that's a bit overdramatic, but it is the day Sirius students and their parents will come in to chat with teachers about their performance and experience this trimester. Students filled out Self Evaluations in many of their classes; these have been returned and brought home to parents. Come in on Friday for your conference!

Barbie Bungee Jumping?

Yeah, It's Math Class for Eights

By Harriet, Keara and Rachel

The 8th graders of Team Sirius have spent the past few weeks enjoying the ultimate math class-- bungee jumping barbies. In preparation for the big jump, we dropped the barbies in the Math Room, testing the amount of rubber bands that we needed. Mr. Scott gave us the maximum of 10 rubber bands. Extrapolating the estimate number of rubber bands needed to keep Barbie and Ken from hitting their heads on the floor, while giving them the thrill of their lives. While getting the the data we made tables to keep track of how far different amounts of rubber bands would stretch. Once we finished getting data we had to weigh the Barbie, or Ken that we were given. 

Pi Day!

March 14th was a day for celebration on Team Sirius. Another way to write March 14th is 3.14,  a commonly used number when it comes to circles. This is of course, pi. Sirius celebrated this day by reading stories about pi, having pi contests, and last but definitely not least eating pie!!! Some of the contests included reciting as much of pi as possible, blowing a bubble out of whipped cream covered gum.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


This year in Main Street Middle School band we have had one concert and it was a good one. The new coming sixth graders surprised everybody with a number of shorter songs that included many solos by the saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, and flute. The seventh and eighth grade band dazzled the crowd with a combo of slow and fast songs with the flute,saxophone, and trumpet leading the way, but not with out help from the booming percussion section. The MSMS jazz band rocked it by playing many upbeat songs with swinging rhythms, all of the soloist in the jazz band did amazing jobs. If you left after that you missed out on the two jazz groups from the high school. Both groups had good written parts, but the best part were the solos. Each was a good length of time which gave each performer enough time to get out their idea. Overall it was a great concert and we hope your ready for the next one, it will blow your socks off.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Hello Sirius Students!

Let's create a running record of all the awesome "happenings" here are Sirius.  Start your blog post with a short paragraph getting at the who is doing what, where, and to what purpose but have fun with it; let your inner writing voice be free! Then add a picture to your post making sure not to name individual students only events.  Good luck, Godspeed, and may the force of the typepad be with you:)