Thursday, April 30, 2015

SBAC Testing

Starting next week, May 4, 8th graders will start the new, online SBAC test. May 11, 7th graders will start and the 6th graders on May 18. The tests are used to measure how much students have learned and grown during the year and not primarily how many questions each student gets right. Students are asked to bring headphones from home for spoken tests. Get a good night's sleep each night and start your breakfast off with a nutritious meal.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

7th grade Earth Day rotation

On Monday the 13 and Tuesday the 14 Team Sirius and Team Summit 7th grade students joined for an earth day rotation. Mrs. Scott read a story and showed a Ted Talk to the students. She had them write a small skit to preform about the actions and outcomes that you could take and what it really does. Mr. Taylor taught the 7th graders about what citizenship means and helped them create their citizenship pages on their PLP's. Mr. Scott brought the students to different places to pick up trash. He had them do a data collection about the amount and what the trash was. Mrs. Kimball had the students create decorative art for our entryway out of recycled materials.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Food Justice Presentation

On Friday the 10th of April Kristen Andrews presented to team Sirius's seventh and eighth grade students about food justice. Kristen explained that homeless people do not choose to be homeless or are not just lazy but usually have fallen on hard times. She said that there are things more that we could do then just donate food, we need to search for ways for the people to be able to provide for themselves, such as community gardens, teaching how to prepare fresh foods.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dog Star Preformance

This week another all team meeting took place on Monday 13, 2015. There were birthday celebrations, announcements of the coming week, and a very entertaining, yet informing skit. Dog Star Drama had it's third all team preformance, and showed a skit they wrote about homelessness. In the skit Ryan McSweeny, a philanthripist, gave Joseph Mensa, a homelss person, lots of money. Jo-jo, in turn went and gave the money to other homeless people (Remi Savard, Luke Hawley, and Warren Cossett). The message of the story was that not all homeless people want to be homeless, and they are nice people too. The story was thoughtful and entertainting at the same time. Another nice day on Team Sirius.

Food Drive

The Food Drive ends tomorrow, April 15th! Bring in food items quickly! Canned vegetables, toilet paper, pasta, and any other non perishable foods are accepted! The Food Drive truck is on the main floor, in front of the guidance office, and there are other collection places in Mrs. Moody's room as well as in room 6&8. Even one food item is greatly appreciated.

STAR- The *Fifth* Owner

Daniel Jestes, Sirius eigth grader is the fifth recipient of the Sirius dog, Star. Mr. Rosenberg's TA takes the mascot with pride and will keep Star safe for the next month. Daniel is described as a giving, funny, spirited, and an introspective human being who is worldly smart and intelligent. Daniel helped with this year's sixth grade Robotics club, and is always super helpful to all those around him. Daniel Jestes is this month's Star winner, but who will be the next?

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sirius Sheep Heart Dissection

March 26, 2015: During science classes, the Sirius team has been studying about the human body, and exploring the realms of different systems such as the digestive, circulatory, respiratory, etc, along with studying the many working parts of a cell and their functions. After examining diagrams and taking notes about working systems in the body, it was time to do some hands on interaction involving the dissection of a sheep's heart. Small groups of two or three students worked together to discover parts of the circulatory system in the heart to further our understanding. Students were pleased overall with the experiments results! Good job Sirius!

Invisible Presence Work

The week of the 23rd, the lyrics group worked with Evan to create music to be preformed on April 11th. Now, the sets groups are working on the backdrop of the show. They are going to be creating visual representations of data on hunger and income inequality.