Wednesday, February 19, 2014


This year in Main Street Middle School band we have had one concert and it was a good one. The new coming sixth graders surprised everybody with a number of shorter songs that included many solos by the saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, and flute. The seventh and eighth grade band dazzled the crowd with a combo of slow and fast songs with the flute,saxophone, and trumpet leading the way, but not with out help from the booming percussion section. The MSMS jazz band rocked it by playing many upbeat songs with swinging rhythms, all of the soloist in the jazz band did amazing jobs. If you left after that you missed out on the two jazz groups from the high school. Both groups had good written parts, but the best part were the solos. Each was a good length of time which gave each performer enough time to get out their idea. Overall it was a great concert and we hope your ready for the next one, it will blow your socks off.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Hello Sirius Students!

Let's create a running record of all the awesome "happenings" here are Sirius.  Start your blog post with a short paragraph getting at the who is doing what, where, and to what purpose but have fun with it; let your inner writing voice be free! Then add a picture to your post making sure not to name individual students only events.  Good luck, Godspeed, and may the force of the typepad be with you:)