Thursday, September 18, 2014

Crafters Edge: Weekly Report

As a student run business for Main Street Middle School, Crafters Edge is dedicated to constructing products to fit your needs and/or wants, organizing student run events such as our Annual Craft Fair and school dances, and to essentially satisfy the public and community with our excellent services. This year, we have focused mainly on organizing and formulating ideas for products that will meet your expectations. In the art department we have evaluated what our products will cost, how much they will sell for, and are starting to construct them.

In the Family Consumer Science (F.C.S.) department, pies are starting to be made, and a new assortment of baked goods are being sold. You can now buy: dozens of cookies (Oatmeal Raisin, Sugar, Chocolate Chip, and Snicker-doodle), a mixed berry, a Smore's, a Lemon Meringue, and a cherry pie. As an addition, we are also now selling Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough made by our lovely chefs in the F.C.S. Department.

These past few weeks, the Tech. Ed. Department has been going over safety in the wood shop, and have begun drafting what their products will look like, the dimensions of the products, and how to be safe when working with powerful tools.

Stay innovative and responsible Crafters Edge Students!