Thursday, December 18, 2014

Deck The Doors

With the holiday occasion approaching quickly, we have a contest that goes along with the winter season, called Deck The Doors.

This year, the theme is winter activities. Each TA/ homeroom was given a winter activity and a picture of a teacher. These two items will be incorporated into a door decoration. We encourage you to hide the teacher that you were given in your picture, so others can try and find them.

Some awards included in this will be: the TA with the best use of the teacher and best use of creativity.

Judging will be on January 14th, so make sure to have the decorations finished before then.
Remember that this isn't all about competition, make sure to have fun too!

You would not know by the look of this door now, but wait until after break, and you'll see winter activities be brought to life.