Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Winter Festival!

On the last day of school before winter break, team Sirius celebrated by having a winter festival!  This meant that we were able to wear pajamas, were put into different groups (with friends usually), and rotated through all of the rooms with fun activities in the first half of the day.  In the second half we had an all team meeting and watched a movie or hung out.

Dog Star Drama

Once a month at our all team meeting, a few students volunteer to put on a play.  We call this "Dog Star Drama".  This past month 5 sirius students took on this commitment and performed a play called The Battle of Song.  This is a short play described as A finished Tale of Magic.  

Student of the Month

    Every month at our all team meeting we choose a student of the month.  A student is chosen based on his/her actions and impacts on our community.  SIRIUS is an acronym standing for, Spirit Imagination Responsibility Introspection Ubuntu Service.  This month Sadie was chosen as our student of the month because of her actions.  Congratulations!