Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Humanities Greek unit

These past three and half weeks Team Sirius has been learning about Ancient Greek mytholagy and how they lived back then. We started with a project on an greek gods where we learned about them and wrote a couple paragraphs on what they're like. 

Next we started learing about actual Greek times and what their lifestyle was like. We started a project on either and event, a person, or a place in ancient greek times. Next week we are going to be having a Greek walk in our core classes with costumes, food, projects, and some different plays about Ancient Greece.

Team Sirius Playing with Dry Ice!

On Friday December, 11th team Sirius got to play with dry ice in science class. Mr. Rosenburg showed us what happened when we put dry ice in water and in soap water. We learned that dry ice is frozen CO2. We also learned that when a solid, like dry ice, turns in to a gas without being a liquid first its called sublimation. The picture below is dry ice in water.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

CC v.s. ML Science Lab

In science class we recently finished a lab called CC v.s ML (cubic centimeters v.s. milliliters.) In this lab we tested the relationship between liquids and solids.  We used a graduated clinider and filled it with water at different levels (different milliliters). Then we would drop a little 1 by 1 cubic centimeter block into the water and see how much the water rose by. After many trials and recording our data, we concluded that every time we added 1 block the water rose by 1 centemeter.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

PLP movie

Mr Maquire's SST made a movie on the PLP. We watched this film during the all team meeting. The students who helped make this film are as follows: Jason Tomasi, Davis Hart, Ben Gambill, Lillian Winters, Olivia Henessey, Juna Nagle, Bella Parento, Evan Rohan, Lila Markow, Azwala Taylor, Anja Sampsom, Emmett Kolber, Lily Gingold, and Milo Zeankowski-Giffin. This is a proccess which all middle school student will be doing.

Science unit: global warming

       In science we have started a new unit. This unit is be about global warming and the effects it has on our planit.  Our world is going through a serious problem that will impact us all globally.  Global warming is basicly when us humans pollute the air and the atmosphere gets thick with CO2. Then the earth can not radiate the heat and then the the earth warms up. 

8th grade Algebra Studies

In Team Sirius Algebra Classes, taught by Mr. Scott,  we are learning how to solve for X by undoing expressions. We are learning this by taking problems like 5-5(x=+2)/ -9 + 22=27. We are also learning to undo problems. By learning these two key math concepts we will be able to excel at geometry, the PSAT's, and SAT's.