Thursday, October 9, 2014

Food bank speakers

Two people from the Vermont food bank visited team Sirius recently. Alison Levin,who came on Monday, September 22, talked about gleaning.  Gleaning is going out and harvesting the extra produce that farmers cannot sell.  She told us that even though they cannot sell it does not mean that it is not okay to eat.  She explained how many people volunteered to glean and donate to the food bank. You may not believe it but a lot of food can be donated to the food bank because there is usually plenty of extra food in the fields.  Maybe sometime team Sirius could help glean for the food bank.  Joe Dauscher, who came on Monday, September, 29, represented the multiple food banks of VT. He told us that about 153,000 get food from the food bank per year.  That is a lot of people the food bank is helping, plus all of the food is free even pet food.  The food bank also has a food deliver system too, for people that cannot travel to pick up the food themselves.  Also Joe talked about how grocery stores and farmers markets have systems that connect to the food bank that have discounts for people.