Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Outsiders

In Language Arts we are reading a book called The Outsiders. It is by S.E Hilton, and is based on a true story that she experienced when she was a teenager. The main characters, Ponyboy, Sodapop, and Darry, belong to a group known as the Greasers, none of which have much money. Their rival gang, the Socs, live on the other side of town and have considerably more money. Throughout the story, Ponyboy discovers that the Greasers and the Socs are not so different.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Leading Up To The Science Fair

Only 28 days till the science fair! We've had 70 days to work on our science projects. The type of projects vary a lot. People are doing experiments with worms and and seeing how the weight of a ball effects how high it bounces on a trampoline. There are many creative science fair projects and I can not wait to see all the ineresting projects.

Dog Star Drama

Dog star drama had their second preformance on Monday, February 9. This play was about animals that are genetical modified and continued our endless discussions and talks about genes and genetics. The dog start drama members only worked on this play/skit for and couple of days, but still managed to create a fun and exited preformance for team Sirius.
                Hippogator, One of the geneticaly modified animals.

                Zebrarrot, Another one of the geneticaly modified animals.

*Star* The 4th Owner

Callie Dalley is the 4th owner of Star, team Sirius's dog mascot. Callie earned Star by being a person who always gives positive advice, always says hi, and can put a smile on your face. She is a SIRIUS student and she keeps Star in Mrs. Zurowski's TA. If you want to keep Star in your TA, then be a SIRIUS student, support you team, and show spirit for Team SIRIUS.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Monday SST Introspection Rotation

Team SIRIUS students have been in a introspection SST. Students are finding out who they are on the inside. In science students are making puzzle piece and on those pieces they draw big part of their life. When you are in math you create a flower diagram where you put your hobbies, talents, goals and other ideas on your paper about you. Venn diagrams are for LA where you put your strengths in one area and beliefs in the other and then you show their common ground. In social studies you think about how your life is impacted by money, you have eight different categories that you can think about.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


PLP's stand for Personal Learning Plans, they're for everyone. Just go onto your google drive and create a site, you can design it however you want, because it's yours!  Plus they're a great way to keep track of your goals and dreams! So if you're looking for a great way to see progress and personal work a PLP would be a great option!

Team SIRIUS has been working on PLP's this month! PLP's are ways that SIRIUS students can plan out there future career in school by putting goals, acheivements and personal plans for the rest of the year. And instead of making a whole new one each year you just add on! 

Spotlight: Team Sirius Snow Day

We interviewed thirty Team Sirius students about what they liked to do on snow days, and this is some of the results that we got. The most popular one by far was sledding, with eight votes, and the least popular ones were sleeping in, drawing, and making snow angels, each with two votes.