Tuesday, November 17, 2015


The Sirius students in Mr. Maguire's SST are hard at work making a video all about PLPs. In a quick interview with Lila Markow, she informed me that this video is being made to help students, teachers, and parents understand the PLP and how we are going about applying them in curriculum more often in classes. She said that they are trying to make an informational movie that entertains everyone in their audience. Olivia Hennessey told me that their process was first to decide on a theme. They went with
the now popular TV show The Office. In the movie you will hear The Office theme song playing and some of the interviews will be themed like the office for comedy relief. The interviewees are 8th graders in Team Sirius and Summit, asking what they know about the PLPs, what they like or dislike, and how they want the PLPs to change. Mr. Maguire's SST is now editing the video in Imovie and I personally can not wait to see the final product.