Thursday, October 8, 2015

Math Marble Roll

In 8th Grade math class we did a math marble roll. Each group of 4/5 people used math books and put two meter sticks together with tape and put one end on the top of the books so that the marble would roll down. There was a bullseye with a big square, a medium sized square in the big one, than a smaller square in the medium sized one. they could choose how many books the group wanted to stack. The distance between the bullseye to where they released the marble was around 250-300 centimeters.The big square was worth 1 point, the medium sized square was worth 2 points, and the small square was worth 3 points. The group that got the most points wins. Each team got three rolls and between each roll they made a conclusion, they did a data and analysis and a hypothesis before each roll.