Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Language Arts and Science Genetics

In Language Arts and Science, Sirius students are working on argumentive writing, particularly on the controversial topic of genetics testing Over the past three weeks, in Language Arts, we have read four interesting articles on the different view points of: pre-implantation diagnostics, preventive action, and genetic testing. Sirius students have had many intelligent debates and have written many summaries about their own ideas and concerns on the topic. Meanwhile in Science, we have learned the ins and outs of genetic research. We have made punnent squares, dissected eyeballs, and made very creative  family trees. Recently we have had seminars coming up with questions and topics to write our argumentative papers on. This week we will write claim statements expressing our own ideas on a question of our choosing about genetics. As we progress through the writing process we will add evidence and counterarguments to our budding essays. 
(Picture Above) These are some of the questions Sirius students brainstormed during our seminars.